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Jeff I need your most recent check stub, call me.


Level 40.

Now I just need 90 gold. I want the elephant lol.
Also need armor and resistance.

Is it so strange to be vegetarian?

It's sad when people are shocked--seriously shocked--that I, and two other people in a group, would order meals without meat. Ah, what should I expect from a restaurant in the middle of the Midwest cornfields? I ended up eating crunchy pancakes. o.O

Sunday I went on a float trip, rafting and canoing, with Jeff's (and apparently mine now too) friends. It was a lot of fun. Relaxed, had girl-time with Dori, made fun of Kevin, picked on Sean a bit, drew the cave... which reminds me, I have art to post to digisketch. Must stop with the laziness and scan things.

Finished Deathly Hallows, am happy, except for the cheesy epilogue, but I'll live. That was a very stressful book. ><

Still can't find my Adobe discs but I did manage to get Photoshop working a little. This has, at least, forced me to play with Illustrator more. So, learning stuff=good.

Help. T.T

Photoshop says my scratch discs are full, and its like getting stuck.
I didn't know photoshop had scratch disks. o.o
Where are they?

Ignore my current layout as it sucks and I cant fix things until photoshop is done being stupid.

It keeps telling me I need to reinstall Photoshop, but I dont know where my disk is. It's somewhere in this house. I'm going crazy, I can't find anything, and there's no point in unpacking my stuff even if I had somewhere to put it, because I'm only going to have to pack it up again.

I saw OotP!

I think I'd like to work for somewhere with a cheesy name like AniMagic than do 'flash development' for somewhere with a name like 'Collaborative Strategies in Business Inc' or whatever. I did get a freelance thing doing fantasy illustrations, but it's not much, and I could really use more money.

I wasn't going to go to the midnight showing of Order of the Pheonix, but as my insomnia has kicked in, I was like, why not? So I went.

OotP spoilersCollapse )

Edit: OotP soundrack (right-click, save as.)


So I'm wondering if anyone is willing to share stories/information re. applying to college? I talk to a girl who's 17, and she's looking at art schools. So.

~What schools did you guys look at? My main four were CCAD, MICA, RISD, and MassArt.
~What did you have in your portfolios? I had figure drawings, a self-portrait, still lifes, landscapes, and some Skittles ads in a variety of media, plus one sculpture. Nothing digital, no photography.
~Did you do interviews? What sorts of things did they ask? I was interviewed at CCAD and I had an informal one at MICA, but I didn't like the lady at MICA. She was one of those people who rambles about the meaning of your art. The guy at CCAD was much more helpful.



At 6am, I think it's time to admit defeat, and go a day without sleep. >.>


So I did a small freelance illustration project, and a Harry Potter commission, and now I'm just knid of waiting for some people to get back to me. I think I'd really like freelance if I could get it to like, pick up a bit.

I was tagged by laterose for the username meme.

Wow, I picked this name ages ago. o.o

I've always loved dragons, which comes from my Grandma. When I was about fourteen I chose Dragonfire as a screenname, but that was taken, so I changed the spelling to Dragynfire. Sophomore year I changed emails, and I wanted something different but still had Dragyn in it.

Pink was/is very me. I think it's a very feminine color, but also flirty. It's like, flirting with life more than flirting with boys though. Using a lot of pink, especially the brighter ones, is also like saying, I'm proud to be a girl, and I'm stronger for it. I had also begun to dye my hair pink by that time.

42 comes from Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as the answer to life, the universe, and everything. On AIM I use Pinkdragyn19, and 19 comes from Yu Watase's Alice 19th.

My new one, animationfairy, comes partially because I'm obsessed with fairies and fairy tales, and partially from something And Fritz said randomly. Remember the fairytale about the shoemaker? Every night, he'd leave shoes out waiting to be mended, and the little brownies would come fix them. Andy said something like, wouldn't it be nice if we could leave our animation paper out overnight when we have a deadline, and little fairies would come and do it for us? And it made me think of that fairy tale, and the name actually goes with my site (christinas-fairytale.com).

Which reminds me, I need to update my site again. And post my zoo-drawings. :D

More randomness of life...

Jeff and I went to the zoo yesterday, and I sketched until I didn't feel like being an exhibit anymore, and he took photos. And I'll scan and upload stuff when my scanner works. But.

There was a little kid, maybe 6? years old at the rhino habitat.

the Dad: Look! It's a rhino!
Dad: ...No, it's a rhinoceroses.